Microsoft Flight Simulator reveals Helicopters, Gliders and more in New Trailer

Microsoft Flight Simulator has just released a brand-new trailer for an upcoming 40th Anniversary Edition, featuring some of the most requested features for years. The update will be free for owners and Xbox Game Pass subscribers, and it will become available on November 11th, 2022.

You can watch the full trailer, which shows off gameplay footage of all the new vehicles, on Xbox’s YouTube channel here:

Alongside the new trailer for the 40th edition update, Microsoft Flight Simulator also added its very first City Update today. The patch included five new German cities, including Koelnmesse in Cologne, which is actually the host of Gamescom and surely a hit at the ongoing event.

Fans of the long-running series haven’t been able to fly Helicopters and Gliders since 2006, despite countless demands to see their big return.

The appeal of the Flight Simulator series is realism, so operating completely different vehicles will add far more content than traditional planes, however old or unique. This will also be a rare opportunity for modern gaming technology to translate how these machines work, and the gear itself is put front and center in the trailer, showing off the mechanisms of the propellers and cockpits.

The title is gigantic in storage size, demanded by impeccable graphics, and it can also be a pricey game. So, it’s tough to get newcomers. But there was the World Update a few months ago. And most importantly, the juggernaut success of Top Gun: Maverick gave Flight Simulator an opportunity to throw in a free add-on crossover with the movie back in May 2022.

The upcoming 40th Anniversary update is going to be an instant hit, adding more airports, a dozen new aircraft, and even older missions from previous installments in the series. One of the biggest vehicles (literally) to join the update is also the famous “Hercules”, as seen in Martin Scorsese’s The Aviator.

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