Mob Entertainment teases Project: Playtime’s gameplay in new cinematic trailer

Mob Entertainment, formerly known as MOB Games, recently premiered an official cinematic trailer for the upcoming Project: Playtime. The new title was unveiled for the first time on Halloween of this year and was set to be a free-to-play co-op horror game based in the world of Poppy Playtime. Watch the Project: Playtime – Official Cinematic Trailer, courtesy of Mob Entertainment’s official Youtube channel:

Project: Playtime is a multiplayer horror game where six players attempt to create one giant toy while surviving a terrifying monster that roams the toy factory. A seventh player controls the monster and is given only one goal: Find and kill everyone.

From its description, it looks like Project Playtime will have gameplay features similar to that of Dead By Daylight, in which one player assumes the role of a savage Killer while the other four play as Survivors, however, Project: Playtime will feature six Survivors. Previous Poppy Playtime games allowed players to navigate the map from a first-person perspective, but it is still unknown if this would be the same for Project: Playtime.

The trailer depicted several characters, each wearing a colored one-piece suit, similar to the characters from Among Us. It appears that the characters were exploring the factory map of Playtime Co. featured in Chapters 1 and 2. The Huggy Wuggy monster also appeared and seemed to be chasing the characters. After taking the train to escape from Huggy Wuggy, the characters were surprised to discover that a jack-in-the-box monster had been riding with them the whole time.

Meanwhile, Mob Entertainment has previously announced the production of a film adaptation of the video game. The Poppy Playtime film is being produced in collaboration with Studio71. As of now, very little is known about the film, but the cinematic trailer for Project: Playtime provides some insight as to how the Poppy Playtime film adaptation would look.

Project: Playtime will be available in Early Access on December 6th, 2022 on Steam. You may now add Project: Playtime to your Steam wishlist to be notified when it releases.

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