MOB Games announces Project: Playtime for December 2022

MOB Games, the developer and publisher behind indie horror hit Poppy Playtime, have officially announced that their next game is Project: Playtime. It will be another survival horror game, set in the same Playtime Co. factory, but it will be free to play and feature a cooperative experience.

Project: Playtime will be available on Steam in December 2022. Here’s the full statement from MOB Games, with a promo image to scrutinize:

Now this is a Halloween treat. Poppy Playtime didn’t necessarily revolutionize the survival horror genre, but it boasts compelling character design and lore, and the sequences of horror are often built on suspense over jump scares.

These features made it a runaway hit with horror fans, and the mechanics are pretty interesting too. The stretchy-hand device created unique opportunities for both map traversal and puzzles. The puzzles are decent, and there are also tense, well-crafted mini games throughout Poppy Playtime.

Overall, Poppy Playtime offered a variety of different experiences in each chapter. New characters are introduced who have their own brand of terror. There are many slow-burn chases filled with chilling sound effects or challenging obstacles, but there’s also a whack-a-mole trap where you must keep Mommy Long Legs at bay while you’re trapped.

It’s a balanced horror game that’s both silly fun and genuinely creepy at times. As a result, it would definitely make for a satisfying party game, so adding a cooperative experience to this series is a terrific idea.

Although this could remove the feeling of claustrophobia, the devs surely have a plan to adapt, just as Poppy Playtime has continued to evolve. Besides, team survival dynamics offer their own kind of opportunities for horror. It’s easy to imagine a similar, intense coordination to complete puzzles as in Portal 2.

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