Modern Warfare 2 DMZ considered internally as “DLC” for Warzone 2

Image: Activision

New information supplied by a source who has access to a leading platforms databases has provided information that sheds light on the confusion surrounding DMZ and its release date.

A recent ESRB rating seemingly suggests that DMZ could arrive with Warzone 2, as the mention of DMZ was in the Warzone 2 rating summary rather than Modern Warfare 2. Although this contradicts my previous reports that DMZ will come as a part of the Modern Warfare 2 offering, the previously mentioned source has shown internal information that suggests DMZ is indeed coming with Modern Warfare 2.

DMZ is referred to as “WZ2 DLC” in these internal documents, with a release date of October 28, 2022. This information suggests that DMZ is indeed still coming as a part of the Modern Warfare 2 package.

The reference to “WZ2 DLC” might seem unusual, but as previously reported, the DMZ will use the Warzone 2 map in some capacity. It’s still unknown how the Warzone 2 map will be fully utilized, but only parts of the map being used prior to the Warzone 2 release would be logical to give players a taste of what Warzone 2 will have to offer.

It’s highly unusual for DMZ to be referred to as DLC, especially when the mode will release before the main game, but in a lot of ways, it makes sense.

It’s understood that the DMZ will “evolve over time”, likely becoming more in-depth as time goes on. The DMZ will not be free-to-play on launch as previous rumors have suggested but the possibility of the mode becoming free-to-play at a later date is a possibility.

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