Moral Anxiety Studio and Assemble Entertainment announce September 8 release date for Roadwarden

Roadwarden is an illustrated text-based RPG that uses RPG, Visual Novel, and adventure game mechanics to provide a story-rich experience. From Moral Anxiety Studio and Assemble Entertainment, Roadwarden is launching on PC via Steam with Windows PC, Mac, and Linux support on September 8, 2022.

The official release date announcement trailer showcases the game’s release date, pixelated graphics, and general storyline, which we’ve outlined below. 

In Roadwarden, you are called a Roadwarden, someone who puts their life on the line to help make a difference in a grim, fantasy-filled world. Unlike most people, you gladly accept the challenge of wandering through the wild parts of the world. While doing so, you accept many tasks such as guarding travelers, connecting remote villages, and helping merchants, including a powerful merchant guild seeking your help.

You must explore a mysterious peninsula at their request and gather as much intel as possible to reveal the area’s secrets. But it isn’t easy, as you must face several decisions and determine who you want to be. 

The key features of this game include: 

  • Explore and alter the world: Uncover secrets, face challenges, and survive in a hostile environment
  • Grow: create your background, beliefs, abilities, and personality to shape your future.
  • Classic gameplay: Choose to become a warrior, mage, or scholar and establish your character’s attitude. These impact how you interact with NPCs, some of which give out quests and will give you their trust and support. 

Besides the September 8 release date announcement, a new free demo version of the game is also available on Steam. The demo is a great way to experience a portion of the game to get a feel for the pixelated graphics and the story-rich elements often seen in visual novels and adventure games before the official release date.  

Moral Anxiety Studio and Assemble Entertainment are best known for the modernized Leisure Suit Larry series and the multi-award-winning Endzone – A World Apart. Their most recent release is XEL, a 3D sci-fi adventure.

Uncover secrets and make a difference in a grim fantasy world in Roadwarden, launching on PC on September 8, 2022. Be sure to check out our Latest News section for more great content!

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