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Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice Cheats

As far as dating simulators go, Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice is among the most popular choices on both Android and iOS systems. One thing that players do not appreciate is that games often feel gritty and are looking for ways to avoid the boring parts. The easiest way to do so is by using our Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice hack and obtaining all the gems you will ever need.

How to Use Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice Hack for Free Gems?

In Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice free gems can be obtained easily with our free gems generator. It is incredibly easy to use and completely safe.

Mr Love Queens Choice free gems cheats generator

Choose the number of free gems you want and click “generate”. Simply put in something like Gems 6 300 and you are good to go. Enter you’re in-game username and select between iOS and Android platforms.

For the final step, verify that you are not a robot by downloading a free game or filling out a free survey.

Now, refresh the game, and you are done. It is that simple.

Mr Love Queens Choice hack proof

About the Game 

The market has been flooded with cheap dating simulations lately, and at the first glance, Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice looks like just another of them. On the surface, the game looks fluffy and shallow, but once you get into details, you will realize that the game has so much more to offer and that it possesses surprising depth.

The romance part of the game is used only to push the story forward and it isn’t the main plot of the game, like in other dating simulations. The fact that MAPPA is releasing an anime based on Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice should tell you all you need to know about the quality of the game.

The game’s main plot is rather grim and very deep. The romance is only implied between the characters and if you want, you can skip it altogether by staying away from Date subplots. The story revolves around a world where superhumans exist but are hiding among the general population, posing as regular people.

The protagonist and four other main characters all belong to this group of superhumans and their interactions form the backbone of Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice. As the story progresses, they discover other details from their pasts that connect them, mainly certain traumatic happenings that they all have suffered.

One thing that everyone praised about Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice is the art. Drawings and animations are top-notch, something we don’t often see in modern mobile games. Instead of relying on stock images, the developers have gone to great lengths to create unique characters and illustrate them magnificently.

Visual imagery in the game is almost worth the price of admission alone. Characters are also well-written and although they start as cliches, they soon develop into real people, thanks to the abundance of interactions and some clever writing.

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