MultiVersus leak reveals first glimpse of Space Jam stage

MultiVersus fans have just gotten a small sneak peek of the upcoming Space Jam Court stage, which was leaked as an upcoming addition months ago after its musical theme was uncovered. Thanks to @LaisulMV, an image to match shows off a design packed full of noticeable references:

The Space Jam series has always been one giant crossover of familiar faces, so the background references could merely be flavor instead of clues. But it would certainly be a wasted opportunity, and the devs have rarely done anything by accident before.

There’s a lot of familiar imagery in this stage, including the famous Mystery Machine from Scooby Doo, a WB water tower, a couple of ships and more. The stage has great textures and colors, so it’ll be a welcome addition. Besides, there aren’t really enough current stages to begin with, so any new content on that front would be a relief.

Fans are curious about the possibility of Marvin the Martian, Scooby Doo and others potentially joining the game. The water tower could also be a reference to an upcoming water tower-themed stage.

For now, fans can only speculate and pick apart the leaked image, as MultiVersus concentrates on the release of Stripe and their Halloween celebrations. Stripe can be pretty terrifying, despite being the villain of a Christmas movie. Here’s a new official post for the new Patch 1.04:

A Space Jam court is definitely something to look forward to, but Super Smash Bros. carefully and smartly mined its IP for a number of memorable stages. Hopefully, MultiVersus will broaden its horizons a little more, since they’ve already pursued plenty of animated properties. The devs have access to IP that would offer up more of a unique personality, which is going to be necessary to compete in the genre.

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