MultiVersus leaker shows off Rick Sanchez moves and cosmetics

MultiVersus is the hottest multiplayer game to hit the market this summer, attracting over 150,000 players on Steam alone in the first few days of the Open Beta. The game has a schedule set to release a fighter every two weeks so far, with Rick Sanchez planned for sometime later during Season One. However, persistent leaks keep showing up that showcase the character’s new talents and in-game cosmetics.

The video and images were posted by InTheShade on Twitter through multiple posts. In a video, players are given a 50-second snippet of Rick’s different abilities. This includes a standard punching combo and a laser blaster that can be charged to shoot a larger, but much slower, projectile. Rick can also use his classic portal gun, with the portals sucking an enemy, and potentially friendly, player through.

Rick also has some sort of larger gun that fires energized projectiles that turn his opponents into miniature versions of Reindog. The last ability shown in the trailer is a Mr. Meeseeks that launches a fierce uppercut at Rick’s demand.

The leaker also showcases some of the other files for Rick, including three of his upcoming cosmetics. They’re all based on memorable moments from the show like Pickle Rick, SEAL Team Rick, and Mech Suit Rick. According to another image posted by InTheShade, the Mech Suit Rick skin will be given as part of the reward for maxing out the character.

These leaks seem to show that rick is a hybrid character that will be able to deal damage up close and at a range, using his wide array of sci-fi gadgets. Players will have to get used to the portal ability, which looks to be aimed in a similar way to Superman’s aimed punch ability. However, Rick will be able to use this ability to benefit allies and disorient his enemies.

Rick is set to release in MultiVersus sometime in Season One.

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