MultiVersus leaks tease 15 more fighters and Mobile release

According to the latest leaks from reliable source @InTheShadeMV, MultiVersus will definitely be adding at least 15 new fighters, and the game should be expected on Switch, iOS or Android devices sometime in the future.

Here’s the first leak, which notes that datamined mobile prompts and mechanics have been uncovered, such as touch screen buttons and joysticks:

@InTheShadeMV goes on with a follow-up tweet, stating that buttons exist for attacking, evading, jumping, jump pauses and special moves.

MultiVersus, like so many others influenced by Super Smash Brothers, would be a perfect fit for mobile gaming thanks to its fast-paced gameplay. Adding the title to Mobile devices could be particularly devastating for competition in the genre, including the likes of Brawlhalla.

It remains unclear just when the ports would roll out though, as there have been some difficulties working with other systems, so fans may need to brace for a long wait.

However, MultiVersus fans can also expect to see a minimum of 15 more fighters sometime, according to another leak from @InTheShadeMV. Fifteen codenames for unreleased fighters have been datamined, although no release date has been found for any of them yet:

The potential is endless, so it’ll be interesting to see what these turn out to be. MultiVersus leaks recently found an apparent Watchmen crossover due to an unreleased ringout.

While this proved to be somewhat divisive, at least these leaks make it clear that MultiVersus is aiming for longevity and serious reinforcement, so that the game can genuinely compete with established peers.

In order to do so, it would need these kinds of numbers, so that the roster would expand at the same pace as its competitors. This could mean improvements to the eSports scene too, where the game recently performed well at EVO 2022.

You can read more about MultiVersus’ latest updates and leaks by checking out our news section!

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