My Fantastic Ranch reveal trailer teases Unicorns and Dragons

French studio Nacon has officially announced My Fantastic Ranch, a fantasy indie sim, with a new reveal trailer. The gameplay blends farming with animal training, aiming for something cute and cozy. My Fantastic Ranch will be available on November 17th, 2022, for PC, Switch, PS 4, PS 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X or S.

You can review the full reveal trailer on Nacon’s official YouTube channel here:

Although the artwork is clearly aiming for younger audiences, it also looks dangerously close to a mobile game. It doesn’t have the polish of popular alternatives like Animal Crossing and Hokko Life, or the intentional retro feel of Stardew Valley. While the art design is certainly charming, it might put off casual audiences, if not younger ones.

The management angle sounds fun enough, where players must train both the fantasy creatures and their riders. But simulation games continue to pile up, including Wandering Village, Ooblets, and the announcement of Fae Farm.

With so many alternatives, it could be tough for My Fantastic Ranch to compete, even for young players. The premise has to be really strong to catch on, and simply offering the base mechanics of a genre usually isn’t enough to succeed.

But the simplicity appears to be the purpose of this one. It’s actually billed as an “introduction” to simulation games on the Steam product page. The concept of pursuing fame in the kingdom is a more friendly approach than survival, and with such a variety of consoles to play on, the game will surely be more accessible.

My Fantasy Ranch was developed by Piece of Cake Fabulous, who doesn’t have any other games for reference. Publisher Nacon has championed more than a few hits though, including Steelrising. They’re also working with some larger IP, as in the upcoming The Lord of the Rings: Gollum.

You can read more about My Fantasy Ranch and other upcoming sim games by following our news section!

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