Naraka: Bladepoint just released an interactive Holoroth map

Fans of Naraka: Bladepoint can now get a very early glimpse of key areas from the upcoming “Holoroth” map, which isn’t due to release until August 19th. Although it’s hardly a comprehensive look, it should offer even more insight after the recent trailer.

Here’s the official announcement from Naraka: Bladepoint’s Twitter feed, which offers the link to an interactive website that anyone can explore:

According to the website, players will get the chance to unlock and explore even more Holoroth areas depending on the view count. As a result, there’s a “Current View” counter that seems to be updated with every refresh, and they’ve encouraged fans to share the opportunity in order to acquire more visitors.

The interactive map begins with Plumed Castle and Salvation Podium. Players can simply hit explore now, and then select the area they want a 360 look at. After 1 million views, Mehtaab will unlock, followed by Empyreal Village and the City of Tang with every million more.

The features aren’t exactly as interactive as fans would hope for, so it may not be worthwhile for anyone but hardcore fans. However, Naraka: Bladepoint has such an expansive world, and it’s still fairly early to get so many previews.

Just days ago, Naraka released a brand-new cinematic trailer for Holoroth that revealed all of the Main Areas and some key gameplay mechanics. For a better look at the map, you can watch a full three-minute trailer on the game’s official YouTube channel here:

Although it isn’t more detailed, the interactive map is a neat marketing stunt, and it quickly acquired over 700,000 views. Holoroth has generally received enormous praise from fans, with exciting new elements like traps and snowstorms.

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