Naraka: Bladepoint reveals new Holoroth map showcase

Naraka: Bladepoint has been creating plenty of buzz about the new map Holoroth, and now fans have gotten a full showcase for all its Main Areas with gameplay.

You can watch about three minutes of new Holoroth footage on Naraka: Bladepoint’s official YouTube channel here:

The trailer carefully points out that the footage is from a work in progress, and doesn’t “represent the final look of the game”. However, many fans were quick to praise the artistry and layout as is.

The trailer begins with some brief cinematic looks at several of the Main Areas. These include Plumed Castle, Mehtaab, the City of Tang, Empyreal Village, and the Yushan Ruins.

Overall, Holoroth offers a much wider variety of landscapes and complexity, from plains and deserts to castles and snowy mountains. And although Holoroth seems to focus on ancient structures, the sense of history in its details is truly profound, with wholly unique architecture and layouts.

The map also seems to offer more verticality, which could potentially invite more camping than strategy. But this is balanced out with some of the new mechanics. For example, the weather system that adds snowstorms, sandstorm and mists could provide cover.

Also, the addition of traps, tornadoes and springboards will allow ambushed players the opportunity to counter or escape more easily.

Naraka: Bladepoint continues to challenge the standards of the Battle Royale or Hack-and-Slash genres, transcending both of them by incorporating the perfect balance of RPG elements and stunning artwork.

It’s a welcome surprise to see similar types of combat rising in popularity, as in the upcoming Code: To Jin Yong or Sword and Fairy: Together Forever. It makes for beautiful battles, inspired by rich history and beloved mythology.

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