Naraka: Bladepoint reveals patch notes for new update – Ziping Yin & Showdown!

Naraka: Bladepoint has officially announced some of the big changes coming to their next update, which is scheduled to roll out tomorrow on August 4th, 2022. This will include the new Showdown mode, “Cure the World” event, hero adjustments and more.

Here’s the tweet from Naraka: Bladepoint’s feed, adding a promo for the new hero Ziping Yin, who will be another healer:

Showdown pits players against the leader of the Heralds, and one of Omnius’ incarnations. The mode will only be available over three weekends in August, including Fridays, on the 5th, 12th and 19th.

Players can try out the Common, Hard and Nightscream stages, each of which increases the enemy’s difficulty. The Legend Stage and Racing Leaderboard will both drop on August 12th.

Through the Fire will be added to the Custom Room, and Takeda Nobutada’s new skills (Mythic Grab Takedown and Demonic Aid Engulf) will finally be implemented.

A new “Cure the World” event will get players primed for the upcoming release of Ziping Yin by collecting Puzzle Shards from Daily Quests.

You can help fellow players obtain one Puzzle Shard every day, by sharing one of your own with someone in your contact list. You won’t even lose the shard, encouraging players to work together. Unlocking sections of the full puzzle will grant rewards.

The “Eventide Fire” event will focus on Bounties, where players can complete Daily Quests to earn Emblems and Fiery Ents, which can be exchanged for limited-edition rewards. Bounty Quests may reward Legendary Ornaments, too, but event quests can only be refreshed during Showdown weekends.

There have been a variety of hero adjustments to Kurumi and Tarka Ji, as well as some broader quality-of-life improvements. For a full list of these smaller details, you can find the full blog post here.

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