Naughty Dog announces The Last of Us board game from Themeborne

The Last of Us is officially going to be adapted into a board game, which further expands the franchise as it heads towards HBO as a TV series. The board game will be developed by Themeborne, as a new addition to their successful Escape the Dark series. A kickstarter campaign goes live on November 8th, 2022. Here’s the big announcement from the hit video game’s original devs Naughty Dog:

The Last of Us is first and foremost a powerful piece of storytelling, both transcending and leading its genre for comparable titles and even other media. The HBO series is getting plenty of hype, certainly with the cast and crew involved, such as the Mandalorian himself.

Because of the plot-driven nature of The Last of Us, the game should translate very well into Themeborne’s “Escape the Dark” series. The language of Naughty Dog’s tweet isn’t totally clear about the plot itself, but the official post mentions Joel and Ellie.

Escape the Dark has had two highly successful games, Dark Castle and Dark Sector, both of which created a unique kind of immersion and tension through compelling mechanics. The hook for the series is its Chapter Card system, where players gradually reveal more of the story as they progress. You must always cooperate in order to survive the unique horrors of each chapter.

Because of the way the story unfolds, the emphasis on decision-making, and the effectively moody art design, this partnership should definitely please fans of the original game. It also marks a massive leap forward for Themeborne, and potential sequels.

This news may not be what traditional video game fans expected, but it’s going to be a very intriguing expansion of The Last of Us lore, and it may invite gamers to join the tabletop experience. There’s something very tactile about tabletop horror, where consequences can feel unusually hefty.

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