NBA 2K23 reveals an official First Look trailer

Fans of the perpetual NBA 2K series finally got their first glimpse at the game in a new official trailer. The game is currently scheduled to release on September 9th, 2022, and pre-orders are available now.

You can watch the full trailer on 2K’s official YouTube channel here:

The trailer barely lasts a minute long, and some fans felt disappointed that it didn’t seem to include much gameplay. However, the trailer carefully states that it does feature “gameplay from New Gen NBA 2K23”. The problem is that most of the footage focused on dunking, which always looks great, but it doesn’t show off much of the mechanics.

Still, the devs quickly followed up their First Look announcement with a second tweet, which promises that more gameplay news will be coming next week:

The first look features a lot of celebrations, and although the fanbase was mostly pleased with the new footage, they did reply with a lot of demands for new features. This included requests for simple things, like more hairstyles to customize.

2K hasn’t offered much news lately, so it is a welcome trailer. The last big piece of news was an official announcement that Michael Jordan would be NBA 2K23’s next cover athlete again.

This resulted in a Michael Jordan edition and Championship Edition that features his jersey. As usual, fans can expect bonus incentives to invest in these pre-orders, including Virtual Currency, MyTEAM Points and MyTEAM Promo Packs.

The fans are mostly worried about redundancy, since the NBA 2K series has often been accused of recycling content on an annual basis without finding new mechanics. But there’s certainly plenty of opportunity here, especially with a next-gen release.

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