NBA 2K23 reveals new mechanics and gameplay in Courtside Report

2K Games has finally given fans a clearer view of what new features and mechanics to expect in the upcoming NBA 2K installment, including Pro Stick changes, rim hanging, dribbling improvements and more.

Here’s the official announcement from NBA 2K’s Twitter feed, which includes a promo image and follow-up tweet inviting fans to pre-order now:

It seems that NBA 2K23 is finally ramping up its marketing with some crucial updates, compared to the bare “First Look” trailer 2K Games revealed just a few days ago. That cinematic was basically a hype video, with no information on the upcoming title’s mechanics.

Now, a wide variety of updates have been announced, beginning with new gesture combos for the Pro Stick. These include “double throws” and “switchbacks”, offering more control of the ball.

Double throws help with hop-step layups, while switchbacks can be used for euro-step and cradle layups. Meanwhile, larger and stronger characters will be able to tank through the action with “contact layups”.

Switchback gestures can also be used for double cross and hesitation cross combo moves. The Moving Crossover signature package has nearly doubled, expanding to 28 options.

Metered skill dunks are officially returning, with a new Pro Stick map that makes it smoother and offers easy rim-hanging. Players can simply hold down Sprint on the rim and use gestures to control your hanging physics at will, instead of triggering an animation.

There will be three new adrenaline boosts per player, per possession, and after using them your player will be slower. This forces fans to be more strategic with their movement.

Shooting attributes will also be added to the game, assigning different stats to each signature jump shot, and Shot Arcs will make it easier to judge your release more effectively. Players will have a wider variety of animations, and five new shot meters to choose from. 15 more meters will be added later on.

Defensive gameplay will include new features such as a new indicator on the ball handler, with a clever shading system that will make it easier to defend and plan ahead. Blocking has been nerfed to more realistic levels based on the player, while steals have been improved with new features such as failed strip contact layups.

For the full details on the game’s new Badge System, AI improvements and more, you can find the full blog post here. You can read more about NBA 2K23 and other sports hits by checking out our news section!

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