Need For Speed Unbound releases official reveal trailer

Following a series of small leaks, Need For Speed Unbound has finally revealed more gameplay, story and artwork with a brief reveal trailer. The game will be available for next-gen PlayStation and Xbox consoles, as well as PC, on December 2nd, 2022. You can check out the full trailer for yourself on Need For Speed’s YouTube channel here:

The screenshots that were leaked just yesterday caused a lot of division over time, and the fans remain uncertain with the new reveal trailer. The art design is full of personality and style, but it isn’t necessarily the direction that longtime fans may have hoped for.

It’s certainly different, but some argue that this could be a healthy change for the franchise. The series might just benefit from taking a bold direction, and swinging for the fences, instead of playing it safe and trying to keep up with competing titles.

Still, more than a few fans are hoping that the strange blend of comic book art and realism can be toggled, or at least overlooked. However, it seems pretty clear that the devs aren’t holding back with this approach.

Further still, the setting and story aren’t exactly trailblazers, so players have become a little hesitant. According to the trailer description, the story will revolve around The Grand, the biggest street race of Lakeshore, all while avoiding the cops.

After all, intervening police have long been a defining characteristic of the Need For Speed franchise. They were certainly a highlight of classics like Hot Pursuit 2.

Need For Speed Unbound has been developed by Criterion Games, who worked on Hot Pursuit, as well as the Burnout series. They seem to be lifting a lot of the splashy, over-the-top appeal of Burnout in today’s new trailer. The description also hints at customization and a “global soundtrack”. This game is shaping up to be a unique flop, or the massive comeback fans have been waiting for.

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