Need For Speed Unbound teases more reveals are coming soon

Need For Speed Unbound has just teased that some more key announcements are scheduled to be revealed tomorrow, October 11th, 2022, at 8 AM pacific time. However, the accompanying promo for the tweet also included a new GIF, which shows off a clearer look at actual gameplay:

Shortly after Need For Speed Unbound dealt with a few recent leaks, the art design has stirred up an enormous level of division among fans. The devs of Unbound decided to add in a variety of bold and colorful visuals in-game, blending comic book and graffiti-style artwork while reducing realism.

As a result, many longtime players continue to demand that the animations should be optional. It will clearly become a love or hate relationship. However, every official trailer and piece of marketing is leaning into that direction, and today’s GIF is no exception.

Fans quickly began to delve into the details of today’s promo. It seems pretty clear that the vehicle customization is a win, showing off a few surprises, like the wings and cage.

Even further, there’s been speculation that the controversial animation could potentially be another level of customization. After all, the GIF does show two vehicles with totally different colors and graphics for the trails and animations.

From just a glimpse, fans also recognized that police will be an issue at any time of day, as well as the probable drifting mechanics. There have been some natural comparisons to Need For Speed Heat, and reviewing the behavior of the car maneuvers in the GIF, some players are concerned about braking to drift. That will determine how comfortable it is to drift in-game, although it’s also therefore subjective.

Either way, the art style seems to be here to stay, according to the new GIF. Tomorrow should make things even clearer, since the reveal trailer was mostly cinematic and didn’t necessarily offer a concrete view of key mechanics or visuals.

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