Need For Speed Unbound trailer reveals new gameplay features

Need For Speed Unbound has just released a brand-new trailer that showcases some key features, including betting against rivals and the AI police system. The game is scheduled to launch on December 2nd, 2022, and it’ll be available on next-gen PlayStation and Xbox consoles or PC. You can watch today’s new trailer on Need For Speed’s YouTube here:

Firstly, the graphics look absolutely gorgeous, and it really doesn’t seem like the controversial art design would get in the way. However, despite the tremendous backlash and hesitation from fans, Need For Speed Unbound promptly revealed that the customizable animations surrounding the car would be optional.

The biggest reveal here is surely the police mechanics, which have a satisfying and interesting approach here. The in-game footage depicts at-risk money while you’re being chased, so it would presumably be lost if cops get the better of you.

There’s also a rising heat system, where the number of cops chasing players will escalate, though it’s unclear if that’s determined by time, behavior, or some kind of reputation. Any Watch Dogs fan will tell you that the police shouldn’t be underestimated, so hopefully the spawning system will operate fairly. The situation always feels too manufactured when cops can just spawn right on your hood.

Another concept in today’s new gameplay showed off a betting system, which looks pretty standard. It’s basically a fundamental mechanic, and nothing special here.

The way the game appears to value time is neat though, as challenges and races will be determined by a calendar you can review. This should give the story and overall gameplay a sense of true progression, which is typically lost in the racing genre. It’s a nice addition to traditional car customization and the like.

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