New Apex Legends ALGS skins have been leaked, with animations

Apex Legends only just wrapped up the 2022 Global Series in July, but it seems that reliable leaker @kralrindo has discovered some upcoming ALGS skins for Crypto and the Prowler. The cosmetics appear to be Epic level, so they are possibly upcoming Twitch drops.

Here’s the first tweet, which shows off Crypto’s outfit:

Crypto’s new skin is covered in the signature red and black colors of the ALGS, and his back features the official “A” logo. It’s a simple design that’s featured on most of Apex Legends’ merch, especially the ALGS tournaments.

Although it’s just an Epic skin, so fans shouldn’t expect too much, some players still felt underwhelmed. It’s been compared to most of the previous Twitch drops, which reward fans with skins on a regular basis and can be redeemed through Amazon Prime.

No release date has been confirmed for Crypto’s upcoming skin, but it should be pretty long wait, since the ALGS won’t start up again for a while. That would involve the lead-up to the ALGS 2023 series.

The latest ALGS tournament brought a lot of surprises, including a stunning performance from Team Furia, who barreled through the lobbies like a ranked match and scooped up the majority of the kills. However, the aggression didn’t pay off, and DarkZero Esports ended up winning 1st place.

@kralrindo quickly followed up their leak with another tweet, showing off the matching ALGS cosmetic for the Prowler:

The fans have been annoyed with some of the changes in the recent patch notes for Season 14 “Hunted”, which is available now and just released a battle pass trailer.

The main complaint is that the pro scene has too much control over the adjustments and future of the game. However, the popularity of the title isn’t slowing down, despite a push to ignore the game during August. So, plenty of fans will probably be tuning in to the next ALGS and receiving the leaked cosmetics.

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