New Bungie trailer teases big Destiny 2 reveals for August

Destiny 2 has just released a new cinematic trailer, which teases that they’re planning an official showcase next month, scheduled for August 23rd.

Running just under a minute, you can check out the full trailer from Destiny 2’s Twitter feed here:

The new trailer begins with some gorgeous imagery and haunting narration, with the threat that desperate civilians have “no pieces left to place” in hopes of salvation.

The storyline is expected to be the upcoming “Lightfall” expansion, which is just the working title for the big finale of their Light and Darkness Saga. After The Witch Queen was delayed, it’s natural that Lightfall was too.

The lore of Destiny 2 continues to be a driving force of the series, adding mythology that’s worth exploring and investing in over time, so expectations are high.

There’s so much accumulated backstory, that any newcomers would need to catch up on thorough YouTube coverage, so you don’t get lost in the convoluted history. If you’re just catching on to Destiny 2, you can quickly get up to speed for the current Witch Queen DLC with “My name is Byf”:

Chances are, Lightfall will release sometime next year, since The Witch Queen DLC just released earlier this year on February 22nd.

The August 23rd showcase date almost lines up perfectly with The Witch Queen’s showcase last year, which premiered on August 24th, 2021. This means that fans might expect Lightfall to launch around the same time that The Witch Queen did.

Many fans are pleased about the news, but are also hoping for activities that will be more creative and take risks compared to the new content in The Witch Queen.

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