New changes to Zhonya’s coming to League of Legends

League of Legends is a game with a constantly shifting meta. Should a champion, item or game system be found under or overperforming, the development team at Riot is quick to push an update to address the problem. Sometimes, changes are made simply to experiment with the meta itself, just to see what happens. Some of these changes are coming to Zhoyna’s Hourglass, and the potential impact of these changes is interesting.

Zhonya’s is an item that every mage (and some non-mages) finds room for in their builds, but its not for its stats. The widespread popularity of Zhonya’s is due to its incredible ability. For those who don’t know, Zhonya’s Hourglass comes with an active ability that makes your champion invulnerable for a few seconds, stopping you from taking any damage or moving for the duration.

Commonly paired with champions with large damage or time abilities (such as Mordekaiser,) this item sees widespread use across League’s entire roster, and it would seem that Riot wants to buff the popular item because of it.

The fact that Zhonya’s is only purchased for its strong active ability feels like a big waste to the Riot team, so they are buffing the poor stats on the item to bring it in line with other options in the same tier.

Zhonya’s is getting increased AP (from 65 to 80) and more ability haste (10 ro 15) which will make it a significantly stronger item.

To compensate for these changes, Zhonya’s will also have its price increased from 2700 to 3000, changing its status from a cheap buy to an important item you’ll have to save for.

These changes will make the item a lot stronger, but the increased price tag means some players might find themselves removing it from their build path. We’ll have to wait to see what effect this item’s changes has on the meta.

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