New Dead by Daylight Resident Evil perks revealed by game files

Image: Behaviour Interactive

In Dead by Daylight, players compete in a 4v1 asymmetrical terror playground, trying to survive as or against a litany of iconic horror franchise characters. Thanks to numerous leaks and file searching, fans have been able to determine that the newest crossover for Dead by Daylight will be adding Ada Wong and Albert Wesker to the game as playable characters. What these characters will be capable of doing remains a mystery, but thanks to the work of one Twitter user, we might have some idea of the perks they bring to the table.

User LeaksDBD, who is a reliable source for Dead by Daylight leaks, delved deep within the game’s code looking for more information on the perks coming with these new playable characters. Very familiar with the language behind the game’s programming, Leaks was able to translate the code associated with these perks into possible descriptions of what they do.

While these seem plausible as perks and Leak’s credibility is high, the descriptions of these perks are in no way confirmed to be true. Despite their knowledge of the game’s code, it’s still highly likely that Leaks’ translations are not accurate, and these aren’t the perks we’ll be seeing in-game.

If they are real, however, then Ada’s survivor perks are particularly interesting. Wiretap seems to provide survivors with a way to track the killer’s aura in the area around generators, and Low Profile provides a way to more reliably escape as the last survivor.

Leave a comment below letting us know what you think about these potential DbD perk leaks. If you liked this post and want to see more, be sure to check out our other Dead by Daylight leaks and guides.

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