New details on the PS VR2

VR is one of the most exciting current developments in the world of gaming. What once seemed like an impossible piece of science fiction is not only available to the public, but seems to further in its advancement every year. Now, thanks to Sony, we have details on one of the newest and most exciting VR headsets, the PS VR2, showing us what we can expect from the latest in VR development.

Details about the new headset come to us from Sony’s blog, where they show these features in action.

One of the most useful features is the headset’s see-through view mode. Using the headset’s front-facing camera, the PS VR2 allows plays to look through the headset and see their surroundings. With a piece of technology that covers your eyes, this is an important feature both for user safety and convenience, and it would seem that the PS VR2 has improved upon this feature where other headsets were lacking.

This feature is also used for the PS VR2’s play-area scan feature. For anyone who’s never used a VR headset, this feature will allow you to physically scan your environment for obstacles, allowing you to set up the idea play space for your VR experience.

The PS VR2 will use the Playstation 5 as its foundation for playing games, giving players access to the system’s incredibly powerful specs when choosing which VR game to play from. The PS VR2 will also feature a cinematic mode, which will allow players to view their PS5 screen in a virtual Cinema screen, allowing for an immersive viewing experience.

In the age of the internet, a system wouldn’t be complete without an option to stream what you see to your friends. With the PS VR2, you can broadcast your VR experience directly to the internet, allowing others to join you from across the world.

While there’s no word about backward compatibility with PS4 games, at this time its safe to assume it won’t be available for the PS VR2.

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