New Harvestella images reveal townspeople and quest mechanics

Square Enix is trying out the farming life-simulator genre with Harvestella, and the latest images show off how players can interact with NPCs through quests. Here’s the official images from Square Enix’s Twitter feed, which includes new images of rewards, a “closeness” mechanic and more:

Harvestella is a fantasy-based RPG life simulator, expected to launch on November 4th, 2022. It was just announced last month, and fans quickly made comparisons to Rune Factory, although Square Enix’s upcoming title is far more ambitious and well-funded.

You can check out the original announcement trailer from Nintendo’s official YouTube channel, which includes about two minutes of gameplay:

Players will mainly need to tend to farm crops in the game, but the extensive exploration and combat are definitely unique for the simulator genre.

Hits like PowerWash Simulator, Lawn Mowing Simulator and Farming Simulator 22 are surprisingly popular, but they generally stay in their lane to capitalize on authenticity. Farming Simulator 22 just announced a Platinum Edition with a new forest and more equipment for November 15th, 2022.

Meanwhile, Harvestella has promised to adapt massive fantasy elements like Quietus, the season of death. This will function similarly to the winter season in Stardew Valley, where crops and life are in serious danger. But instead, there’ll be an intriguing mystery to uncover.

The latest images reveal that players will earn both currency and farming seeds in exchange for completing side quests with the townspeople.

But the most striking news is the “closeness” mechanic that can establish friendships, which wasn’t seen in the announcement trailer. Many life-sims have a similar feature, but in a fantasy RPG, fans are already hoping for the possibility of romance too.

One of the images shows Cres’ character story and closeness, followed by another image of dialogue where Cres is worried about the player. So, the door is definitely open for romantic freedom.

You can read more about Harvestella and other Square Enix titles by checking out our news section!

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