New Indie Publisher “Hook” announces Unholy with key art

Italian company Digital Bros has just revealed their new indie publisher Hook, who plans on finally bringing Unholy to players’ hands nearly four years after its killer gameplay teaser. Hook will be partnering with the game’s original devs Duality Games, which is based in Warsaw.

Here’s the official announcement from Hook’s Twitter feed, which shows off some brilliant key art for the upcoming horror game Unholy:

Digital Bros is best known as the parent company of 505 Games, who are famous for publishing little gems like Human Fall Flat and Stardew Valley.

However, those were true indie games. According to the announcement that Digital Bros would be forming Hook, it seems that the goal of Hook will be to supply indie ambitions with AAA funds and more. It sounds great, but hopefully the titles will maintain the originality and risks associated with indie titles.

Here’s the announcement where Digital Bros’ CEO Raffaele Galante first discussed their plans for Hook:

In Unholy, players will take the role of a mother who must explore both reality and another horrifying world in order to find your child. You’ll need to find clues and solve puzzles to succeed, and stealth will be a prominent element of the story.

A big teaser was released as far back as October 2018, showing off gameplay footage with some truly creative and creepy imagery. You can watch the full trailer on Duality Games’ YouTube channel here:

There have been more than a few comparisons to Agony, which turned out to disappoint most fans. However, Unholy hasn’t shown fans much, and there is plenty of room for it to flesh out its own personality. The core ideas and art design are already very promising.

You can read more about Unholy and other indie horror hits by checking out the rest of our news section!

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