New MOBA game Evercore Heroes announced with trailer

Evercore Heroes, a brand-new MOBA game that blends in dungeon-crawler mechanics, has just been revealed with an announcement trailer. Although no release window has been stated just yet, there will be a pre-alpha playtest between October 13th and October 17th, 2022.

You can watch the cinematic announcement trailer on Evercore Heroes’ YouTube channel here:

Evercore Heroes has been developed by Vela Games, a fully independent studio based in Dublin, Ireland. They are currently aiming to work on cooperative games, but Evercore Heroes is their first original IP, so there’s no reference point other than today’s trailers.

The cinematic is full of absolutely gorgeous and colorful imagery, but its fantasy world will have to establish some pretty rich lore to distinguish itself from the likes of League of Legends. It continues to dominate the MOBA genre, with enough mythology to fuel the popular Netflix show Arcane. Not to mention the newcomer Pokémon Unite, which has one of the biggest brands in the industry.

Fortunately, the cinematic for Evercore Heroes was quickly followed by a welcome video, explaining some of the key mechanics of the game, and giving fans a look at some actual gameplay. You can review that for yourself here:

While the video is short, it does explain that Evercore is both a cooperative and competitive experience. It decides to focus on the PVE system, borrowing fun elements from dungeon-crawlers and RPG games.

Since the game is actually a race to defeat a large boss, it’ll be genuinely interesting to see how teams are able to make “the battle more difficult for the other teams”, as stated in the announcement trailer description.

This is a clever way to break the formula, and it should make the MOBA genre more accessible. It introduces new avenues to strategize, especially with the chaos of including multiple teams on the field.

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