Nintendo announces Bravery & Greed roguelike for Fall 2022

Nintendo has just released a first look at the upcoming platformer Bravery & Greed, a retro side-scroller that supports up to four-player co-op. The game is expected to release in Fall 2022, but no concrete release date has been confirmed.

The full trailer features just under two minutes of gameplay, which you can watch on Nintendo’s official YouTube channel here:

Bravery & Greed is set to focus on traditional fantasy elements, including four unique classes that are straight out of the oldest tabletop RPGs. You can choose to be a Rogue, Warrior, Wizard or Amazon. Four different paths can be selected to attain unique abilities.

The gameplay will also have roguelike elements, which doesn’t only refer to the dungeon crawling, but also permanent death. According to the first trailer, players will seek out four magical Runes in order to reach the Dwarven Sky Fortress and get rich.

It’s an amusing twist on the typical noble missions in the fantasy genre, but the action and level designs look pretty conventional. The dialogue and gameplay don’t lean into humor enough, especially compared to the biting wit of something like Cult of the Lamb, another retro homage.

In true Dungeons & Dragons fashion, the game does offer up plenty of multiplayer or cooperative gameplay though. Fans will have the chance to play local and online coop.

Friends can pick teammates back up, or even steal from each other, since players will be tasked with picking up gear throughout the game.

In fact, there are also plenty of versus modes, which are probably more intriguing than the actual narrative. Free-For-All, Team Deathmatch, King of the Hill and more will be available, so that players can make their own fun.

You can read more about Bravery & Greed and other Nintendo updates by checking out the rest of our news section!

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