Nintendo announces Kirby’s Dream Buffet for Summer 2022

Nintendo has just released a brand-new announcement trailer for Kirby’s Dream Buffet, coming to the Nintendo Switch this summer.

You can watch the one-minute trailer on Nintendo UK’s official YouTube channel here:

The trailer begins with Kirby about to eat a delicious cake, when he grabs a fork that magically shrinks him. Unlike GLaDOS’ cake though, it looks like players will actually be able to enjoy this one, playing as multiple different colors of Kirby.

It looks to be a combination of racing and platforming. Ultimately, it’s sort of a cross between the “Sugar Rush” kart game from Wreck-It Ralph and the obstacle courses from Fall Guys.

The new trailer only reveals a few glimpses of actual gameplay, but the level designs look colorful and fun. Nearly all of them are inspired by baking, since the world of the game is based on a giant cake.

Players start on cookies, and leap through various desserts or fruit. However, there also seems to be some fun egg trampolines and sandwich walls, so it won’t all be sweet.

This approach is fairly different from most of the classic franchise installments, though platforming is still key. At one point, fans also got a peek at some mini-games and alternate modes.

In one mini-game, players run around a Kirby-shaped cake, fighting for falling berries. In another, players seem to be competing to eat as much as possible in order to weigh the most at the end of the race.

The trailer concludes by announcing that the game will be available exclusively on the Nintendo eShop. While the game definitely looks fun, the content and idea are very simple. As a result, many fans think it would succeed more as a free-to-play game than a full release.

Still, the art design and ideas are a perfect fit for Kirby. No release date has been confirmed yet. You can read more about Kirby’s Dream Buffet and the rest of the hit franchise by following our news section!

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