Nintendo Direct announced for Super Mario Brothers movie

Nintendo has officially revealed they will have a full presentation for the upcoming Super Mario Brothers animated movie, including the highly anticipated world premiere trailer. Fans can watch the new showcase on October 6th, 1:05 PM pacific time, by tuning into Nintendo of America’s official YouTube channel.

Here’s Nintendo’s full announcement, which includes a colorful promo brimming with familiar content:

There has been an enormous amount of both hesitation and buzz in audience feedback. The animated film has been sort of mysterious thus far, even with all of the casting announcements and so forth. It’s been unclear how the material will be treated.

While video game adaptations are notoriously awful, they also have a nasty habit of borrowing familiar IP and ignoring the existing lore. The films often tell their own story instead, with superficial connections or references to the source material, in an effort to cater to mainstream audiences. Instead of the core audience that would actually show up.

Still, highlights like the ongoing Sonic the Hedgehog films have allowed for some cautious optimism among fans. And the new promotional image in this announcement is a happy surprise. The art design very much resembles the source material, even with little nods like the retro writing on a business sign.

As long as the story can capture the spirit and mythology of the franchise, the visual approach to the movie looks mostly promising so far. Although, more than a few fans have responded to some of the realism in the image with justified amusement, such as Mario’s outfit.

But again, the tone and heart of the story are really going to be the defining characteristics. Illumination, the studio behind the upcoming film, has had a very questionable approach in that regard, drawing severe backlash aside from the original Despicable Me. Hopefully, the Nintendo partnership steers everything in the right direction.

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