Nintendo Switch announces Reliquary for Winter 2022

Reliquary, a high-fantasy isometric adventure game has just been announced for the Nintendo Switch with a brand-new trailer, featuring gameplay of map traversal, magical combat and boss battles.

An exact launch date hasn’t been confirmed, though the announcement trailer has revealed the devs are aiming for a Winter 2022 release. You can watch about two minutes of new footage in the new trailer on Nintendo Switch’s official YouTube channel here:

Reliquary appears to be a Nintendo exclusive, since no other platforms have been confirmed, and the trailer closes out with a singular nod to the Nintendo eShop.

The new game was developed by Jade Ember Studios, a remarkably small team of three, based in Longmont, CO. The studios’ official site notes a particular interest in “uncharted worlds and mythic characters”, and the new trailer definitely lives up to that mission statement.

Although some of the art design resembles Destiny here and there, the trailer does have its own flavor, especially for the wide variety of enemies it revealed.

The puzzle elements will definitely be a nice addition, which iso adventures are sometimes uniquely suited for. While the puzzle in the trailer is simple, hopefully the game will be more involved than that.

Reliquary will also clearly have a strong narrative, which is sure to add more personality. The trailer only explains a bit of the story, where players must explore the ruins of an empire to heal the damage of “twisted magic”. But it gets surprisingly existential when it turns out you’re also seeking out your creators.

The trailer also promises swift combat, showing off a swarm of enemies surrounding the hero, who can use a variety of spells to progress through various landscapes and giant bosses.

You can read more about Reliquary’s latest updates and other upcoming indie titles by checking out the rest of our news section!

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