No Man’s Sky Endurance Update is now available with new features and customization options

A new update for No Man’s Sky is now available. The huge Endurance patch brings more advances and varied freighter base building, enhanced nebulae, black holes, deep space storms,  dynamic crews, agriculture modules, base building quality of life features, and many bug fixes. Below, we’ve included the official patch notes for the game that were posted on the No Man’s Sky website. 

No Man’s Sky Endurance Update

Freighter Overhaul

The freighter bases have been completely reinvented with new parts and themed rooms available to players. These pre-themed rooms can be customized further, or players can use an empty room and decorate it to suit their tastes.

Dynamic Crew

Specialist crews on freighters can walk around the base. Engineers, biologists, and technicians will display their thoughts while they patrol the base, and your hired frigate captains and pilots will even visit your capital ships between their space expeditions. 

Agricultural Modules

Players can now construct freighter farms with specialized cultivation chambers. You can plant, grow rows of crops, and harvest them. 

Black Holes

Traveling through black holes has new and stunning visual effects, making the experience more spectacular. 

Exterior Freighter Building

Freighter bases can be extended beyond the hull. Observation decks and catwalks can be added to provide visuals of the surrounding space.

Base Building Quality of Life

Base parts can be placed manually, which overrides their automatic placement, and existing base parts can now be replaced without deleting them. When building a freighter, preview holograms can be seen through walls. This makes it easier to see where parts will be placed. 

Freighter Variety and Freighter Corridor Customizations

Freighter exteriors have been visually upgraded with textures, dynamic colors, and detailed surface decorations. Civilian freighters are now pre-fitted with various bases that can be modified and expanded after purchase. Freighter corridors can now be customized with glass to see out into space. 

Organic Frigates

Players can now encounter organic frigates as they explore space. You can build your own fleet of them, which can come in a diverse range of colors, shapes, and tentacle configurations. You can even evolve the traits and stats of these organic vessels. 

Doors and Windows

Players can construct external doors and windows on their capital ships or place internal doors, windows, and walls to create interior sections.

Polestar Expeditions

Embark on the Polestar expedition where you must repair the freighter’s unique technology, uncover the mystery of its past, and journey across the galaxy. Each phase of the expedition will offer generous account-wide rewards. 

Enhanced Nebulae

Encounter beautiful and visually stunning gas clouds up close. They have become more dramatic and attractive than ever. 

Inhabited Hangar

Freighter hangars have been redecorated with windows, new machinery, and an alien crew. 

Living Ship Updates

Organic frigates can be sent out on expeditions to retrieve upgrades. You can hatch psychonic eggs into sentient technology or graft parasites onto your living vessels for additional storage space. In addition, there are inventory space and general upgrades like evolution and shields. 

Hangar Teleportation and Frigate Teleportation

Players can travel directly between the freighter hangar and bridge through the short-range teleportation network. You can now teleport directly between your fleet and capital ship as well.

Derelict Freighter Atmospherics

The combat and ambient visuals on derelict freighters have been reworked to appear creepier than ever. 

New Asteroids and Updates

Asteroid fields are now less uniform and offer more dense clusters. Asteroids now have a wider variety of colors, sizes, and shapes. The starship scanner can find asteroids that are rich in fuel resources. Civilian pilots can also now harvest the asteroids for resources. In addition, by destroying asteroids, otherworldly creatures might be living inside. 

Freighter Technology Modules and Engine Customization

Existing technology for the freighters has been integrated into modern and sleek rooms. Technology-themed rooms can now be customized. You can now personalize your capital ship’s exhaust trails. Installable freighter upgrade modules have new modules. 

Sentinel Pillar Multiplayer Mission

A new class of multiplayer missions is now available from the Nexus. Players must investigate the heavily guarded Sentinel Pillars, and steal the data.  

A Cosmic Voyage

Embark on a new mission alongside the organic frigates where they will transport you along a strange journey.

Planetary Scanner Module

The Planetary Probe is a new piece of technology that can discover all the celestial bodies in a solar system remotely. 

Long Distance Object Fidelity

The planetary decoration system has been optimized and improved with octahedral imposter technology. The visual quality of objects in the far distance has also been improved. 

Freighter Bridge, Cargo Hold, Teleportation, and Industrial Modules

The captain’s bridge has been updated with new visuals, improved lighting and connects to the hangar through stairs and teleporters. The freighters now have a dedicated cargo hold for inventory with expandable bulkheads. The teleportation network has been extended to allow players to teleport between their freighter from any space station or planetary base. Existing industrial technology has now been welded into expandable engineering-themed rooms. 

Infestation Multiplayer Mission

Across the many worlds, evil lurks within the shadows. Players can team up at the Nexus and descend to the planets exhibiting signs of infestation to cleanse the worms found beneath the ground. 

Space Storms

Players can now experience extraterrestrial weather phenomena where you must pilot your ship through the clouds and storms. 



  • Capital ship hangars have been visually updated, with additional details, features, NPCs, and VFX.
  • The freighter bridge has been visually refreshed with new lighting, VFX, and detailing.
  • A teleporter has been added for instant access between the freighter hangar and the bridge.
  • The mandatory corridor in freighter bases has been removed, allowing players to customize their freighter base layout fully.
  • Freighter exteriors have been updated with enhanced textures and detailing.
  • Your freighter is displayed within the warp tunnel when jumping between systems.
  • Lighting and shadow quality throughout freighter bases has been significantly improved.
  • Players may now warp directly from their fleet management terminal to any individual frigate. New terminals have been added to frigates to allow a quick return to the freighter bridge.
  • Markers are now placed on Fleet Command Terminals in need of debriefing.
  • Players may now teleport to their freighter base from any other base or space station teleport terminus.
  • Capital ship engines can now be customized from the existing freighter recoloring UI, accessed on the bridge.
  • Capital ships can now be reset to their default colors.
  • The customization camera for freighters has been improved with better lighting and a wider viewing angle for large ships.
  • Player-constructed freighter bases are now populated dynamically by specialized crew members, hired squadron pilots, and frigate captains.
  • The freighter crew can now move around the base.
  • Freighter crew periodically display thoughts related to their current task.
  • Non-player freighters now come with a variety of pre-existing bases.
  • Freighters now have a Cargo Hold inventory, allowing the storage of even more items.
  • A new technology, the Singularity Engine, has been added for freighters. This powerful warp augmentation is activated by speaking to the freighter’s captain and will slingshot the freighter through a wormhole.
  • The visual quality of salvaged freighter technology icons has been significantly improved.
  • Players may now summon their freighter while the Pulse Engine is active.
  • Freighter landing and takeoff trajectories have been improved to prevent accidental docking.
  • Players are no longer blocked from summoning their freighter if another player has their freighter active.
  • Players can now dismiss their freighter to visit another group member’s freighter base.


  • The freighter base building has been overhauled. Players now have access to various pre-built room modules (which they can further customize).
  • Rooms come in various pre-decorated themes, allowing players to assemble a visually varied and distinctive base quickly.
  • Empty room variants are available for players who want to customize their freighter base manually.
  • Existing freighter bases have been preserved, and legacy freighter parts are fully compatible with the new pieces.
  • New freighter rooms include:
  • The Scanner Room pings all nearby planets and automatically discovers them.
    • Single and Double Cultivation Chambers allow players to plant directly into the room itself. Cultivation Chambers come with the ability to mass-harvest nearby plants.
    • A Nutrition Room, allowing players access to cooking facilities while on board.
    • The Stellar Extractor is a specialist manufacturing unit that extracts various resources from the interstellar medium.
  • Additional rooms have been added to replicate existing base functionality, but in room-sized modules:
  • A dedicated Galactic Trade Terminal room, allowing quick access to trade facilities.
  • A Teleport Room allows players to teleport from their freighter and return via any other teleportation terminus.
  • The Appearance Modifier Room for player customization.
  • The Fleet Command Room, for managing frigate fleet expeditions.
  • All the terminals for Base Specialists, such as the Overseer.
  • The Orbital Exocraft Materializer allows players to summon any of their Exocraft while their freighter is in the system.
  • A specialist large industrial refiner room.
  • Storage Rooms with access to stowed materials.
  • Players can now place exterior windows in their freighter bases, allowing a view into the stars.
  • Players can place internal windowed walls to divide their base into aesthetically pleasing sections.
  • Players can now place doors in their freighter bases, both between rooms and out to the exterior of their freighter.
  • Various catwalks and exterior viewing platforms are now available to build within and around the freighter base.
  • Freighter corridors now come in both plain and glass versions.
  • Freighter corridors now come as one dedicated part that automatically bend or add additional doors to connect to nearby rooms.


  • Players with a frigate fleet may receive plans for a Dream Aerial from a successful fleet expedition.
  • Constructing the Dream Aerial will grant players access to a new mission to unite with an organic frigate. This living vessel will be customized according to the player’s choices while on this mission.
  • Players can continue to discover additional organic frigates to fill out their fleet.
  • Organic frigates come in a variety of procedurally generated colors and tentacle configurations.
  • Players can feed their organic frigates various cooked foodstuffs. Feeding the frigate will adjust its mood and may cause it to generate new abilities or traits.
  • Sending a living frigate on a fleet expedition has a chance of generating a special anomalous event result.
  • Anomalous fleet expedition results result in various organic implants for living starships.
  • Living ship upgrades have been adjusted. Procedurally generated weapon modules now do more damage, and the Grafted Eyes can now leech energy from enemy starships.
  • Living ships can now evolve Neural Shielding, granting them the ability to resist hostile cargo probes.
  • Living ships can now evolve a Chloroplast Membrane, which will automatically recharge its Neural Assembly using sunlight.
  • Living ships can now evolve a Wormhole Brain, allowing them to see the economy and conflict levels of unvisited systems on the Galaxy Map.
  • Players may now acquire and use a Spawning Sac to add additional inventory slots to their living ships.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause living ship upgrades to choose a lower quality band than intended.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented procedurally generated living ship upgrades from automatically selecting the starship inventory page when deployed.


  • Base parts that automatically switch between hidden variants (such as visually distinct parts for the top/middle/bottom of walls or the freighter corridor that automatically bends and adds doorways to form connections) can now be placed manually. Relevant parts are marked within the base building menu and can be expanded to view all variants.
  • While in editing mode, pre-existing parts can now be swapped out for any other part that matches its placement conditions, allowing bases to be quickly altered without having to delete and replace parts.
  • Players may now quickly toggle between placement and selection mode even when no part was previously selected from the list of parts.
  • Quick cycling parts within placement mode now display the name of the newly selected part.
  • Several base-building error messages have been edited for clarity.
  • Many decorative parts previously unavailable to build on a freighter are now accessible in the build menu.
  • ByteBeat modules can now be built on board freighters.
  • Short-Range Teleporters can now be built within a freighter base.
  • Lights now automatically receive power on board freighters.
  • Freighter base part deletion now more strictly checks player navigation, fixing several cases where players could find themselves accidentally falling into space when deleting parts.
  • The freighter base now has a walkable bottom level, allowing players who intentionally jetpack out of their base an opportunity to recover to safety.
  • Players may now toggle snapping and collision checks when placing decoration on their freighter base, allowing more freedom and flexibility in construction.
  • While on a freighter, the preview hologram is now visible behind other objects, allowing players to preview the location of new rooms and corridors more easily.
  • Fixed several visual glitches with the preview hologram.
  • Fixed several visual issues and glitches with wiring.
  • Objects that are moved or deleted now clean up their attached wires.
  • Storage Containers now display their custom name (if applicable) in the Build Menu.
  • Biofuel Generators now provide power for a significantly longer amount of time.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Ceiling Light part from being powered correctly.
  • The Archaic Habitation Heater now actually provides protection against extreme cold.


  • The planetary decoration system has been significantly optimized and improved, allowing props, plant life, rocks, and other objects to be drawn at both far greater distances and at a higher quality.
  • Planetary objects such as trees and rocks are now visible from low orbit.
  • Players may now encounter storms and other space atmospherics while in asteroid fields, in open space, or when encountering derelict freighters in deep space.
  • Players may now encounter brightly colored nebulae while exploring deep space.
  • Black hole visuals have been overhauled and significantly improved.
  • Derelict freighter VFX have been significantly improved. Existing environmental and combat effects have been enhanced, and additional atmospheric details have been added.
  • Atmospheric effects have been added and enhanced within the space station.
  • Starship landing and takeoff effects have been improved.


  • Asteroid draw distance has been significantly increased.
  • Asteroid field density has been significantly increased.
  • Individual steroid visual detail and variety have been significantly increased.
  • Asteroid destruction effects have been improved.
  • Players may now encounter systems with a large number of rare crystalline asteroids.
  • Players may now occasionally disturb the nest of strange space creatures when destroying asteroids.
  • Passing starships may now enter asteroid fields alongside players and begin mining nearby asteroids.
  • Asteroid density patterns have been adjusted so that there are larger areas of space with few to no asteroids.
  • Players can now use the starship’s scanner to locate nearby fuel-rich asteroids in the event of an adverse fuel situation when outside of an asteroid field.
  • Fixed a number of issues that could cause asteroids to intersect with other objects, such as freighters.
  • The rewards for destroying rare asteroids have been improved.


  • A new class of missions is available at the Nexus. Work together to raid a Sentinel Pillar and defend a planet from the constant threat of the Sentinels.
  • Players can now take on a new combat mission from the Nexus to visit an infested planet and purge it of its infection.
  • Players visiting infested planets may now occasionally stumble upon the hungering tentacles of the many-mouthed vessel.
  • Infested planets now have an increased chance of titan worm activity.


  • Players can now reposition items within storage container inventories.
  • Fixed a number of issues that prevented full access to certain inventories when using UI popups.
  • Players may now deploy upgrades to their fleet expedition from any inventory.
  • The freighter inventory screen has been adjusted better to fit the model of the player’s freighter.
  • A new starship technology, the Flight Assist Override, is now available from Iteration Hyperion aboard the Space Anomaly. This module reduces the effect of automatic trajectory correction while flying in space.
  • Procedurally generated upgrades for the Analysis Visor may now generate bonuses for mineral discovery rewards, matching the existing upgrades for flora and fauna.
  • Increased the number of stat bonuses available to illegal-grade procedural technology upgrades.
  • Reduced the spread between maximum and minimum stat values for Positron Ejector procedural upgrades.
  • Players can now adjust the sensitivity of cursor controls as well as look and flight sensitivities.
  • The “Combat” section of the guide has new, more in-style icons.
  • Combat frigates deployed from the fleet to assist the player in space combat now launch specialized ships with their own visual flair to help distinguish them while in flight.
  • Pirate raid frequency has been reduced.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause pirate and Sentinel attack timers to reset each other, resulting in too many hostile incidents in space.
  • The base speed and acceleration of the unupgraded Nautilon have been increased. Upgrades have been proportionally decreased as appropriate to keep overall upgrade effectiveness in the same range as before.
  • Procedurally generated technologies for the Nautilon now give more generous fuel usage reduction bonuses.
  • Fixed a number of issues that prevented Exocraft and Nautilon scanners from revealing nearby planetary objects as intended. These scanners should now reveal not only standard scanner resources but also other objects of interest usually identified via the Analysis Visor.
  • Increased the amount of time objects are marked by the Exocraft and Nautilon scanners.
  • The stack size of Creature Pellets has been increased.
  • Viewing player companions through the Analysis Visor now displays more specific information.
  • The Multi-Tool and starship reticles now display overheat and ammo warnings.
  • Early-game Sentinel waves have been adjusted to be slightly fewer in number.
  • When selling items to technology merchants, prices are now correctly listed in nanites.
  • The space station scrap merchant’s shop now displays your current Tainted Metal reserves.
  • Building Part item popups have been slimmed down to cut out unnecessary information.


  • Earn an exciting and varied set of in-game rewards by watching streams of No Man’s Sky on Twitch. Full details of how to sign up are available on the Twitch Drops page here.


  • Expedition Eight, Polestar, will begin soon.
  • The Polestar expedition will take players on a cruise across the galaxy in their capital ship, forsaking starship warping and planetary base building in favor of the life of a heavy shipping freighter captain.
  • The Polestar expedition offers the chance to earn an exclusive freighter engine customization, new base parts (including a flaming barrel); a unique cape design; a mysterious jellyfish companion; and much more.
  • Players who have entirely completed an expedition may now end the expedition early and convert the save to normal mode.


  • Fixed a crash that could occur while dying while using PSVR on a PS4 Pro console.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur while warping inside another player’s freighter.
  • Fixed a starship-related crash that could occur while warping.
  • Fixed a number of crashes that could occur while using the trade UI.
  • Fixed a PC-only physics crash.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed invalid teleport destinations to be entered into the list of teleport destinations.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Nexus missions to list an incorrect amount in their objectives preview on the mission board.
  • Fixed an issue preventing missions from correctly counting items in the Nutrient Processor’s ingredient storage inventory.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause items awarded or salvaged while using the freighter to be deposited in an incorrect inventory.
  • Fixed an issue that caused various base and technology parts to be clipped off the side of the screen while viewing upgrade trees.
  • Fixed a large number of miscellaneous text issues.
  • Fixed an issue that caused lanterns to display a blank interaction label.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from being correctly awarded bounties if NPC ships landed the killing blow on a pirate ship.
  • Fixed a memory-related issue that could prevent players from being awarded pirate bounties in specific circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause some hostile starships to become invulnerable after their energy shields were drained.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from accessing the Previous Base Item Cache and claiming its contents.
  • Fixed an issue that caused ambient player bases to take a long time to load in.
  • Fixed a base-related issue that could cause saving or loading to take a very long time.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause center-screen warning messages to queue forever if the player entered their inventory while the message was on screen.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented ships from being correctly cleared in multiplayer after their owner salvaged them, potentially resulting in corrupt ship data for other players in the station.
  • Increased the braking power of the starship when summoning a freighter, reducing the chances of a collision.
  • Fixed an issue that could allow players to engage the pulse engine on an unsafe trajectory and intersect with a freighter if the freighter was aligned with a distant planet.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause an overly large crosshair to appear when aiming at starships on the Space Station.
  • Fixed an issue that caused derelict freighter emergency heaters to protect against extreme heat.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the space station to be visible during warping.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause player capes to begin to float away on Xbox 1 and PlayStation 4.
  • Fixed an issue that caused very small civilian freighters to have no engines.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause every single NPC ship in the freighter hangar to take off immediately after the player enters the hangar from the bridge.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Living Pearls from displaying their compass and Analysis Visor icons if their protective clam was shut.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause compass and Analysis Visor icons to become invisible forever if they were tagged and then untagged.
  • Fixed a number of issues that caused Sentinel drones to be synched incorrectly between players.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Sentinel Hardframe units to fail to target players correctly in multiplayer.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Sentinel Hardframe units to become stuck beneath planetary terrain.
  • Introduced an optimization to the creature animation system.
  • Introduced an optimization to a specific scorched planet sub-biome.
  • Introduced an optimization to a specific toxic planet sub-biome.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent progress in the Agricultural Research missions if the player had already built the plant in question before the mission began.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause incorrect mission progress if the player deleted their teleporter during the Powering the Base tutorial.
  • Fixed a number of mission issues that could occur when playing the base building tutorial missions in multiplayer.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a blocker during the Ghosts in the Machine mission on the Artemis path, at the point where Apollo wishes players to expand their base.
  • Fixed a number of blocking mission issues that could occur when different missions require conversations with the same character simultaneously, such as the Space Anomaly and Trace of Metal missions needing the player to speak Nada or Polo.
  • Fixed many mission progress issues that could occur when players need to visit a base computer but have several bases across different galaxies.
  • Missions requiring the player to visit a base computer can now be progressed at any base computer, rather than a visit to a specific base.
  • Fixed an issue that could direct players to the wrong base when the mission required visiting a specialist worker terminal in a system in which the player has several bases.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a dramatic sound effect to play on loop forever after warping through the portal during the A Leap in the Dark mission.
  • Fixed a number of animation issues that could occur when interacting with inanimate objects, such as distress beacons.
  • Fixed a number of mission blockers that could occur when two missions were attempting to spawn a space encounter simultaneously.

That’s everything we know about the newest update for No Man’s Sky. Be sure to check out our No Man’s Sky section for more great content!

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