Nobody Saves the World reveals “Frozen Hearth” DLC trailer

Nobody Saves the World, easily one of the most satisfying and popular dungeon crawlers in years, has just released a new trailer for the upcoming “Frozen Hearth” DLC. The big update is now expected to roll out on September 13th.

You can check out the full trailer, which includes gameplay footage of the new content, on PlayStation’s official YouTube channel here:

Nobody Saves the World boasts an incredible volume of personality from developers Drinkbox Studios, who are probably best known for the action platformer Guacamelee!, another surprise hit.

For Switch and PlayStation users, Nobody Saves the World’s DLC is dropping just a couple of months after launch. But even since the initial January rollout, this is still an impressive and welcome pace.

There’s a fair amount of new content, such as more forms, abilities, and challenges. Most of it was partly expected, but it’s also creative, and the devs organically tie these changes into the game’s storytelling in a fun and amusing way.

It’s centered around The Tempering, a rough competition in an underground region. The Killer Bee and Mechanic forms are clever, and the footage promises some neat abilities.

Then there’s the odd mini golf update. This is a mode that didn’t really need to join the game, but somehow looks like a brilliant addition that will please fans.

Tangential additions like this are actually true to character for the style of Nobody Saves the World, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see even more quirky challenges or updates like this in the future.

Uninitiated players are sometimes a little taken aback by some of the stranger elements in Nobody Saves the World, but the devs completely understand their lane and excel at it. So, if you go along for the ride, it’s a really rewarding and charming game.

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