Ooblets gets September release date in new trailer

Ooblets, the cute life sim and creature collector from 2020, just got a release date trailer that confirms it’ll be coming to the Nintendo Switch on September 1st, 2022.

Although the product page hasn’t been updated yet, still promising a summer release, pre-orders are available now. It will be available on Switch, Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One, and the Epic Store.

For a brief recap of the game, you can watch the full announcement trailer for Ooblets on Nintendo’s official YouTube channel here:

Ooblets was developed by Glumberland, which has no previous titles, and exclusively worked on Ooblets for years. Despite a complicated history, and a bit of controversy over some comments, the devs created a neat game and a large fanbase.

Players can explore Badgetown, where you’ll get a farm to develop and a house to decorate. You can befriend the townspeople, join a variety of clubs, and there are also “Ooblets” to grow and collect. They’re adorable creatures that can also help you farm.

One of the signature mechanics in Ooblets is the dance battle, which reinforces a fun lightheartedness compared to some of the similar titles in the genre. These dance-offs are how Ooblets are unlocked and improved.

The volume of customization and the cute art design are major selling points, which should please any fan of other sims like Animal Crossing or Stardew Valley. It definitely has enough of its own personality though, smartly capitalizing on the best features of Pokémon and other influences.

It was revealed that Ooblets would be joining the Nintendo Switch as far back as May, during the Indie World Showcase. Now, fans can finally look forward to ordering Ooblets around the Holiday season.

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