Orianna is disabled for League of Legends Worlds 2022

League of Legends Esports is disabling Orianna from the Champions roster in Worlds 2022.

During the match between GAM Esports and Rogue yesterday, October 9, at the League of Legends Worlds 2022, a visual bug involving Orianna was discovered in the middle of the game. As a result, League of Legends Esports has announced that Orianna will not be playable at Worlds 2022.

After just making its debut at the World 2022, Orianna was disabled from the Champion pool due to some issues with her ult. Bug hunter, Vandril, spotted the bug during a clash of GAM Esports and Rogue around Baron Nashor. In the clash, Rogue’s Emil ‘Larssen’ Larssen casts Orianna’s Command: Shockwave (R), but the indicator for the ability is incorrect. The ability is supposed to indicate that it would be cast immediately on top of the character’s model in a very narrow area of effect. In reality, Orianna’s ball was a fair distance away from her character model when it impacted Cao ‘Kati’ Thanh Phê’s Viktor. Due to the faulty indication, the ability was almost impossible to avoid, since the spell’s entire area of effect was obscured from view. The champion has been disabled “until further notice,” although GAM did not request a pause and, as a result, was not granted a chronobreak when the problem was identified for the first time.

While Riot has called the bug to be newly discovered, it seems to have been present on the previous Worlds patch (Patch 12.18) ever since the patch was made available. Meanwhile, Orianna is the first champion to be disabled at LoL Worlds 2022. It is currently unknown if and when she will return, but since she was a common safe choice in the mid-lane, her ban will dramatically impact the draft process for several teams competing in the Worlds.

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