Overcooked reveals World Food Festival update for October

Overcooked, the couch co-op classic about serving up food while dealing with wild obstacles, has surprised fans with a brand-new update to celebrate World Food Day. The free update is scheduled to roll out on October 12th, 2022 for Steam, Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series S or X.

You can watch the full World Food Festival update trailer on YouTube here:

There’s been very little word on the Overcooked series for some time, so this was a very welcome surprise. So is the sheer volume of content, which is surely far more than Overcooked needed to provide in order to bring back the fans.

Baked Bazaar, Metro Mash and Pepper Plaza are the new biomes, and they look just as creative as any previous addition to the series. The trailer gives players a glance at some of the upcoming maps, and it really feels as if the devs never missed a beat, and Overcooked were still getting regular updates.

Globe and Fox are both adorable new chefs. Although Globe feels a little shoehorned to fit the theme of the update, the cloudy hair is a pretty clever design.

The new recipes, bobotie and curry, should be interesting additions. The new delivery bag mechanic will be neat too, since the notorious obstacles of the game are also the source of all its fun.

But the highlight of the update is probably the Assist settings. The difficulty in this series can sometimes feel strangely inconsistent, with steep escalation between levels. Given the family-friendly theme and art design of the game, it will be a relief to make adjustments as necessary, especially for families who want to involve younger players.

As a free update, this announcement is a major win, and it also goes to show how much more the Overcooked series has to offer. We’ll keep eating it up, so hopefully, Team17 keeps serving.

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