Paper Ghost Stories: 7PM reveals Xbox launch date this October

Paranormal indie game Paper Ghost Stories: 7PM has just announced that it’s finally coming to Xbox next week. Originally released back in 2020 for PC, the little gem from Malaysian developer Cellar Vault Games will finally expand its reach on October 28th, 2022. Here’s the new announcement from publisher Chorus Worldwide:

Following the aesthetic of Paper Mario, this forgotten indie uses that approach to create tension. It also really fits a story that follows three children, as children’s drawings are often used for innocent and unsettling story beats alike.

At the same time, the protagonists each have disturbing paranormal encounters. There are also plenty of shadows, gloomy settings and serious themes. Ghosts tend to invite those kinds of tales, as they’ve been interpreted in many ways. The cultural nods in this game are certainly much appreciated, creating a very unique flavor.

Paper Ghost Stories: 7PM may not be a straight-up horror game, but it does involve ghost month, so there’s a spooky atmosphere and paranormal situations. This makes the game a fun little addition to this year’s Halloween season, a satisfying little treat that shouldn’t demand too much time.

Players explore an apartment block to investigate, and choices matter, so it’s sort of like an accessible visual novel. It’s a story-driven experience, but includes a variety of mini-games and supernatural moments.

The same devs and publisher are planning on a full-length game in the series, called Paper Ghost Stories: Third Eye Open, which is due to release sometime next year. Thus far, released images suggest a continuation of the hit art design. Hopefully, it will be just as visually and thematically rich.

You can read more about the Paper Ghost Stories series, and other indie games that fit the Halloween season, by checking out the rest of our news section!

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