Planet of Lana delayed to 2023, reveals new Game Pass trailer

Planet of Lana, the side-scrolling indie puzzle game originally scheduled for a 2022 release, has just been pushed back to Spring 2023. Although no concrete release date has been confirmed, Planet of Lana is also coming to the Xbox Game Pass on day one. It will be available on either Xbox or PC.

To soften the disappointment of their delay, the devs at Wishfully released a brand-new Game Pass trailer. You can watch the full trailer on Xbox’s official YouTube channel here:

The new trailer bills Planet of Lana as an “off-Earth odyssey”, featuring a hand-painted experience full of brilliant level design, monsters, and an adorable sidekick called “Mui”.

Wishfully, founded in 2018, is a small dev team based in Sweden. They also announced today that their debut game Planet of Lana will be a playable title at Gamescom 2022. The game is being published by Thunderful Games, who showed off a brand-new trailer for LEGO Bricktales just yesterday. They’re also known for The Gunk.

In Planet of Lana, players must journey as Lana to rescue her sister after a robot army attacks their planet, “Novo”. There’ll be a variety of landscapes, unpredictable robot enemies, and puzzles to overcome.

You’ll also be accompanied by a new companion, the catlike Mui, which players can actually control. Mui is sure to play a large role in solving puzzles, since Mui can slip into smaller places, bite through rope and more.

According to the official update, the devs will share an “extended look at the demo” and “more details” on August 25th for Gamescom.

The art design looks absolutely gorgeous, the mechanics sound intriguing, and the story offers an equal share of heart and worldbuilding so far. Fans of Inside, FAR: Changing Tides and the Unravel series are certain to enjoy this game, which is brimming with personality.

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