PlayStation has launched Backbone One, enabling PS Remote Play for iPhones

Image: Backbone One / PlayStation

With the Backbone One, you can easily play PlayStation games on your iPhone through PS Remote Play. A recent tweet from the official PlayStation Twitter account revealed the iPhone controller. The video showcases how easy it is to play your favorite PS games via PS Remote Play.

If you have access to broadband internet and a PS5 or PS4, you can download the PS Remote Play App to your iPhone and plug it into the Backbone One to start playing instantly anywhere. Backbone One is powered by your iPhone device, so charging it isn’t required.

Backbone One works with other games from the App store and other game streaming services that support controllers such as Genshin Impact, Fantasian, Call of Duty: Mobile, and many more. You can stream several games from the cloud with Backbone One’s support for Google Stadia or Nvidia GeForce Now. This means you don’t need to own a console or PC. 

Inside the app, players can see several PlayStation integrations like custom glyphs and the ability to browse hundreds of games. 

In addition to the controller, PlayStation has also introduced Backbone+, an optional membership. This premium membership inside the Backbone app enhances your Backbone One experiences and allows players to access:

  • Exclusive perks, like free trials for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, Discord Nitro, and in-game items
  • Direct messaging and party chat on Backbone.
  • Stream directly to Twitch.
  • Play games on iPad, Mac, and PC via your Backbone.
  • Access to the revamped Backbone app. 
  • All new users will also automatically receive one year free of Backbone+ Membership with a Backbone One purchase.

You can still play games with Backbone One without the premium membership, but the software experience requires Backbone+ membership. Backbone One comes in two colors, black and white, and retails for USD 99.99.

Enjoy all of your favorite games on your iPhone now with Backbone One. Be sure to check out our PlayStation section for more great content!

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