PlayStation Plus announces October’s monthly games

PlayStation has officially revealed the monthly lineup for October 2022, including three key titles: Hot Wheels Unleashed, Injustice 2, and Superhot. These games will be available for subscribers on Tuesday, October 4th through October 31st. Here’s the full promo tweet from PlayStation:

Unfortunately, PlayStation’s full blog post adds that the Extra and Premium Game Catalog lineup won’t be revealed until later this month, as usual. Hopefully, they’ll capitalize on the spirit of Halloween, and add some horror-driven titles to celebrate.

Injustice 2 is actually one of the highlights of the service’s monthly additions, a welcome surprise. The title is just dated enough that newer gamers might not own it just yet, having launched back in 2017. But it was also a highly successful AAA sequel, with brilliant gameplay and a solid single-player plot.

The series had such an impact, an animated movie has been adapted from Injustice too. It’s a fighting game between classic DC superheroes, with interactive backgrounds and a lot of fun add-ons.

Hot Wheels Unleashed is a racing game from 2021, and it’s received almost unanimous praise since launch. The mechanics and art design are both a brilliant representation of the IP, with an appropriately massive roster of vehicles and terrific customization. Split-screen also allowed families to play together, a rare feature these days.

Superhot is an abstract, indie FPS from 2016. It feels more like a PC or VR game because there was a separate VR release. In-game, time only moves as your character moves, and players don’t have traditional shooter resources. As a result, the combat is very unique. The premise is very clever, so both the game and player can get very creative.

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