PlayStation will end 1-to-1 Twitter Support in August 2022

Shortly after a massive wave of marketing for new features and services, PlayStation has decided that it will cancel 1-to-1 support via Twitter. The service is scheduled to end on August 1st, 2022, a totally shameless and disappointing shift away from customer satisfaction.

Here’s the official statement from “Ask PlayStation”, which is supposed to offer support between 8AM – 7PM pacific daylight time:

Support of any kind for the largest companies, both inside the gaming industry and otherwise, can be frustrating and difficult to begin with. Now, PlayStation has decided to move more of their responsibilities onto the player, referring their loyal customers to stale articles and other “self-help resources”.

Ironically, Sony only just revealed PlayStation Stars, their upcoming loyalty rewards program. Membership would allow players to complete challenges in exchange for loyalty points. These points could then be spent on a variety of rewards, including digital collectibles that are dangerously similar to NFTs.

Given the rollout of PlayStation Plus and the promise of PlayStation Stars, it’s strange to see the giant shift its priorities this way. It also gives the subtraction even more of a sting, with so much effort put into the future of PlayStation.

Hopefully, there will be some kind of backlash that corners Sony into implementing a different form of support in the future. After all, responses on Twitter have been an effective way for fans to draw attention to support missteps.

It looks like Sony would prefer to avoid this attention, but it’s important for any employees funded by fans to be held accountable for their work ethics. Fans have already responded with righteous negativity, pointing out that many support tickets currently go unnoticed for stunning lengths of time.

Removing Twitter support also doesn’t seem fair to the creatives that are fueling users with great content, friendships and experiences every day. PlayStation exclusives and games shouldn’t suffer by making the support process even more of a headache.

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