PlayStation’s London Studio is currently working on a new online co-op combat game set in fantasy London

In 2002, PlayStation’s London Studio was established, and it quickly gained a reputation for being an industry leader in bringing innovative games to emerging platforms like PlayStation Home and VR. The studio has been one of Sony’s departments with the most emphasis on experimentation. Recently, London Studio announced that its next title will be a co-op action game that will take place in an alternate reality version of London.

It is unique for PlayStation’s London Studio to leap into what they are not known for. The co-studio head Stuart Whyte stated, “We definitely wanted to try something a little bit different, and I think this new project channels our ‘brave’ value and allows us to push ourselves on the ‘curious’ front, too. It’s an exciting future, it really is.” Whyte is adamant in his determination that the team maintains its innovative spirit. As such, fans are excited about the new titles the London Studio will offer.

For the upcoming combat game, the developers of London Studio will use Soho Engine, the in-house game engine, to create a combination between London and fantasy. Soho Engine is designed to take full advantage of PS5, and some of the toolsets used in their VR games are still applicable nowadays.

Regarding the concept of the game, London Studio used the ideation process. Furthermore, the transition from Killzone to Horizon: Zero Dawn served as a source of inspiration for the team, and they were encouraged by the work of their peers at Guerrilla Games. After repeated brainstorming, Whyte and the team talked to the heads of PlayStation about their ideas. A poll was also conducted in UK and US with the team’s ideas to know which game players would likely play.

Unfortunately, London Studio did not mention how long the project has been in development nor when it will be released. Fans can only wait for an official announcement outlining all of the details of this brand-new game.

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