Pokémon announces “The Arceus Chronicles” special

Pokémon: The Arceus Chronicles has just released an official trailer, featuring Ash, Goh, Dawn, and Brock adventuring to defeat the last of Team Galactic.

The English language version will premiere on August 19th at the Pokémon World Championships, but Netflix users can watch the special on September 23rd, 2022.

You can watch the special’s full trailer on Pokémon’s official YouTube channel here:

Because Pokémon Legends: Arceus was set in much older times, the anime cleverly incorporates the game by including a “recreation of how the city looked long ago”. The special will continue adventures in Sinnoh, and the trailer concludes by teasing the mysterious legendary Pokémon, Arceus.

According to the official blog post about the new special, the plot will center on Arceus sending a message to Ash and Pikachu. This sends them on journey, which will eventually add Brock, Cynthia and some legendary Pokémon.

It seems that Team Galactic has survived, and the remaining members are opening a gate between dimension in order to find their leader.

Fans that can attend the live World Championships in London will be treated to the premiere, so reviews and news should be expected then. In the meantime, the latest trailer is full of promise, with all of the same humor and heart that’s expected of the longtime show.

Most fans have responded to the trailer with praise, content to see the familiar faces. Enough time has passed that these returns don’t feel like recycled content.

Pokémon recently took the internet by storm last week, when the devs released a new “Presents” showcase for Scarlet and more. Featuring 20 minutes of updates, fans got a massive update about the upcoming mechanics and new Pokémon, including Fidough, who quickly rivaled Lechonk in popularity.

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