Pokémon Go announces Chespin for January 2023 community day

Pokémon Go has officially revealed that Chespin will be the featured Pokémon for the new year’s first community day event. The next community day is scheduled for January 7th, 2023. Chespin is a beloved Kalos region starter from Pokemon X and Y, the sixth generation of core series games that launch on the Nintendo 3DS. Here’s the big announcement from Pokémon Go’s feed:

While Chespin has been in the game for a while, next month will be trainers’ first opportunity to get a Shiny form. Since community days already boost the wild encounter rates, there’s a stronger chance of finding one. Players can also get a Chesnaught that knows the attack Frenzy Plant by evolving Quilladin within five hours after the community day event ends.

Pokémon Go has frequently received backlash from the fans over their Pokémon selections, particularly for monthly community days. There are too many Pokémon to please everyone, and requests have piled up over the years.

However, the devs received mostly praise for featuring Chespin, since you can hardly go wrong with a starter. Starter Pokémon introduce entirely new generations of fans to the series, creating a very strong bond. And Chespin has been in the game for so long, many players have been waiting a while for a chance to finally evolve their perfect catch.

Also, adding a shiny form was basically obligatory, or else the devs would definitely be accused of recycling content. While some criticism can feel a little superfluous, there is a whole month between community days, and there have been some pretty odd selections in the past.

Some fans were justifiably annoyed that the devs strangely scheduled next month’s community day for 2 PM to 5 PM local time, which can be inconveniently dark and cold in certain areas.

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