Pokémon Go announces Global Map and Spawning Changes

Pokémon Go has just announced that the live map experience will update to recognize local changes over recent years, as there hasn’t been a similar update for three years now.

The changes are scheduled to roll out “over the next few weeks”, including accurate map representation and Pokémon spawning with improved variety. Here’s the big announcement from Pokémon Go’s Twitter feed:

The entire premise of Pokémon Go is that players can experience real-world immersion, so it’s a relief to see that the devs have finally responded to the fans, and chosen to update their global map.

This will include new buildings and roads, as well as the removal of old ones, and a lot can change even over a short period of time. It’s always been strange for players who find hiccups in their Pokémon Go map, which don’t align. More importantly, it’s terrific that different Pokémon will spawn more effectively.

Although it’s important that Pokémon Go always invited players to travel, finding certain species can become pretty unreasonable from time to time. This can be very discouraging, even in exchange for your local region feeling special in other areas. Previous updates have been problematic for some players, as certain spawns alternately rise or fall.

The official blog also states that areas with a high population could still see the same volume of Pokémon, but they will simply be distributed more evenly. While this reduces the need to walk around town, it also makes gameplay easier for those who can’t find the time to participate during timed events, and the like.

Overall, this is a positive change, and the decision to roll things out slowly was a smart decision. However, it’s unclear what order different regions will experience the update. As of now, the Halloween changes have been unanimously praised, so it seems the devs are on the right path for renewed interest.

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