Pokémon Go announces new Community Ambassador Program

Pokémon Go fans could soon be rewarded with more perks thanks to a new Community Ambassador Program, which will help improve in-person event organizers. Applications from “eligible communities” began on July 28th, 2022. Here’s the official tweet from Pokémon Go’s feed:

The Community Ambassador Program is designed to reinforce efforts to gather Pokémon Go fans in-person by offering special perks and support. This is a great way to give players an incentive to travel again, which was the foundation of the game.

For “trusted organizers” who are accepted by Niantic, their communities will receive item codes for giveaways and “swag”. This could include very small prizes, but there are also opportunities for exclusives. Fans should definitely keep a close eye on local events for item codes.

Niantic ambassadors will still be volunteers though, and they will simply have access to more resources and assistance. It’ll also give organizers the chance to speak directly to Niantic with feedback.

This will give the fans a profound voice, compared to throwing an “L” or “dead game” tweet, which don’t actually contribute anything. Instead, real changes can be made that will improve the game, based on the views of the most dedicated fanbase.

Aside from the giveaways and feedback, the program is still in its infancy. So, they’ve tentatively hinted at the possibility of more features, as it expands, with no clear roadmap or dates.

The only way to become an official Niantic ambassador is to reach “Rank 4” through Silph Road’s level and ranking system. You would also need to pass a community vetting process, where they double-check that the community adheres to Niantic’s Terms of Service and the Silph League Code of Conduct.

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