Pokémon Go reveals November 2022 content roadmap

Pokémon Go has officially revealed a variety of upcoming raids and events to expect in November 2022, according to a new roadmap that features specific dates and Pokémon. The roadmap also leaves the final event for November a mystery. Here’s the full post from Pokémon Go’s Twitter feed:

Although there’s a lot of information here, most fans are pretty annoyed about the redundancy of the lineup that was released today. Guzzlord’s debut is certainly a welcome one, but until the events unfold, there aren’t any other additions to look forward to. That would be very sparse for an entire month.

The listed events could still offer some surprises, but at this point, a feature like Nihilego has seemed to lose its novelty for most players. While Nihilego is certainly a neat Pokémon, it was teased back in May and joined in June. Since then, it’s already reappeared more than enough times. Now, it’s taking up the last week of November 2022.

The same goes for Mega Gyarados, which is getting a Mega Raid for two weeks. It may help newer players to catch a fun Pokémon, but this will be another wasted opportunity for most longtime fans.

Also, Starmie is a beloved first-gen Pokémon, but it seems to have disappointed players as the upcoming Research Breakthrough. Collecting stamps will be a lot of work to encounter Starmie, and breakthroughs only refresh once a month. Players likely already have Starmie anyway, since they were released with the game on launch back in 2016.

Possibly the most frustrating thing about this is the lack of new Shiny opportunities. Although Pokémon Go has made shiny Pokémon easier to acquire, it’s still a rewarding mechanic. It also would’ve been an easy way to freshen up some of the returning Pokémon in today’s post.

Fortunately, the events still have potential, and the final week of November is sure to offer up something, given that the roadmap was unwilling to reveal it today.

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