Pokémon Go reveals Teddiursa and Ursaluna for November Community Day

Pokémon Go has officially announced that Teddiursa will be the spotlighted Pokémon for November’s Community Day event. Fans will also be able to get Ursaluna for the first time, including a special move if it’s obtained during the event, which begins on November 12, 2022, at 2 PM local time.

Although Teddiursa will only become more common through 5 PM local time when the event begins, the special Full Moon will appear in Pokémon Go’s skies through November 13, 2022, 6 AM local time.

Ursaluna will still require a full moon to obtain, consistent with the rules when Ursaluna was first introduced in Gen 8. So, prepare for a lot of catching, since you’ll need a tremendous amount of candy in order to push through the Ursaring evolution. You’ll need an extra 100 Teddiursa candy to evolve your Ursaring.

If you can race to Ursaluna within 5 hours after the event ends, it’ll know the special Charged Attack High Horsepower. It seems pretty demanding to collect that much candy so quickly, even with the traditional event bonuses. But fortunately, players will still have another chance to get Ursaluna whenever another full moon appears, so that’s fair enough. It’s canon and adds to the exclusivity of the Pokémon.

Using the full moon is a fun mechanic, and Ursaluna couldn’t be a better reward or approach. The Pokémon’s debut is enough of an incentive for players to invest their time, so the special move was a nice gesture.

The combination should also go a long way for fans who were disappointed that Teddiursa would be featured, since many players have already had extensive opportunities to get that shiny.

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