Pokémon Home update announced for Scarlet and Violet in 2023

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet haven’t even launched yet, and the devs have already announced that Pokémon Home support is planned for Spring 2023. While there isn’t a more concrete release date just yet, it is confirmed that “select Pokémon companions” from previous titles could be supported in the new Paldea region.

Despite some complaints that Pokemon Home will not be available at launch, the release window for the big update would actually be fairly soon. It can be tricky to solve compatibility between older apps and brand-new games.

And although some fans are annoyed that Pokémon Home will encourage players to spend a lot of time transferring their vast libraries of Pokémon, collection is still one of the fundamental mechanics of the series. As a result, most players are frustrated that they won’t be able to transfer absolutely every Pokémon to create a more comprehensive collection.

It remains unclear which Pokémon in particular will not be supported in the Paldea region. That’s likely because it would spoil exactly which species of Pokémon will be returning in Scarlet and Violet.

Although, Pokémon Scarlet has hardly played its dex close to the chest, releasing countless trailers leading up to launch. Just earlier today, there was a brand-new trailer featuring Donphan and all-new Tera forms. Within the last month, the devs have packed in a few big reveals, to mixed response, such as Gimmighoul.

It’s really fortunate that the mobile app of Pokémon Home will also allow players to keep track of the Battle Data feature per Scarlet and Violet. These stats will let fans who play more seriously observe and adapt to the meta as it evolves. This will improve the competitive side of the game, which has always been a key component of the series.

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