Pokémon Presents offers big reveals for Scarlet and more

Nintendo finally released their first Pokémon Presents since February, giving fans a clearer update on Pokémon Scarlet and other hit titles in the franchise.

You can watch the full showcase on Pokémon’s official YouTube channel here:

The “Presents” video begins with a brief update on the annual World Championships, adding two new titles to the event. Pokémon Go and Pokémon Unite will officially join.

Also, the world’s largest pop-up shop will also be available in-person. Next, fans got a look at the new World Championship trophy, which features an adorable Pikachu holding their own trophy.

Presents focused on Pokémon Go next, surely saving Scarlet for last. The ongoing story related to the Go Fest will officially conclude, and all of the ultra beasts thus far will gather together for the finale event on August 27th, 2022.

The finale is a globally accessible event, where players can encounter Shaymin. Finishing up Go, Presents explains the new Daily Incense, which will last for fifteen minutes.

Next up, Presents announced a “Pika Party” that begins today, August 3rd at 5 PM pacific time. It will run through September 1st, celebrating the game’s first anniversary by turning all wild and player Pokémon into a Pikachu.

More Pokémon and additional events will be added to the game in September. For now, some licenses and holowear will be gifted to players, including Pikachu, Blastoise, Lucario, Snorlax and Sylveon.

Nintendo revealed that Pokémon Masters EX will be adding a new Trainer’s Lodge sometime this month, with no release date announced. Also, Mewtwo is returning to Cafe Remix, with a Sidekick Bonus and a One-Minute Cooking mode. Latios has been announced to join the game soon, with no cemented date.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet update

The first big reveal for Pokémon Scarlet was the Treasure Hunt, a new incentive for players to explore the map. This came alongside some exciting new images of various environments and Pokémon. That includes a shot of a Pokémon walking in the overworld with you, a beloved feature.

Pokemon Scarlet will be an open-world experience in the Paldea region, with one legendary Pokémon that can transform at will into various vehicles for easy map traversal.

Players will enroll at an academy as a new student, with the independent study “Treasure Hunt”. There are three available stories. The first is a traditional, 8-gym formula aiming for the Championship. However, the other two can be completely determined by players.

The new teachers and friends are all based on the academy. But there are also gym leaders to meet, such as the ice-type Grusha.

Finally, fans got a look at some of the new Pokémon and Paldea-form variants! This includes a look at the Paldean form of Wooper, ice-type Cetitan, and Fidough, a play on pastries and the classic name for dogs.

Multiplayer has also been explained. Using the Union Circle, up to four friends can explore together and complete races.

The newest phenomenon is the Terastral form, which makes Pokémon “shine like gems”, sometimes changing its type and boosting its moves. Tera types can also appear in Raid Battles, where players can attack or heal without waiting for allies.

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